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Sober travelling…anyone done it?

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Right so this is something that’s been at the back of my mind for a while. I’ve been tee-total for over a year, and I’m very happy with it 🙂 But slightly worried about travelling and meeting people, as I know there’s a big drinking culture in the hostels in oz and nz. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with people around me drinking, in fact I find it entertaining, but I just wondered how a tee-totaller fits in with people who drink most nights.
Anyone on here been travelling sober? Or know people who have? Just looking for a bit of peace of mind really. I’m a sociable person but just concerned that my lack of drinking will affect my travelling “experience”.
Thanks 🙂


[quote-0] And you'll have the added bonus of being able to remeber everything in the morning 🙂 [/quote-0]
and be able to tell everyone the stupid things they were doing! 😆


Hey, it’ll be no problem at all!
My partner and I aren’t drinkers and we had a great time hanging out with all kinds of people. As long as you’re friendly and nice, you’ll get along just fine and like people have said, there are lots of benefits to not drinking – saving money is the one you notice the most in my opinion! 🙂


… and if you’ve been sober for a year, surely you must have resisted temptation or provocation up to this point? more power to you and enjoy your trip!


Yeah, you’ll be cool!!
I spent a full year not drinking 😀


[quote-0]Yeah, you'll be cool!!
I spent a full year not drinking 😀 [/quote-0]


[quote-1][quote-0]Yeah, you'll be cool!!
I spent a full year not drinking 😀 [/quote-0]
😆 😆
Sorry didn’t finish it off, was meant to say I spent a full year not drinking with people who didn’t drink – to be honest, was so pissed half the time, I wouldn’t even notice if the other person was sober or not 😆 😉


Think yourself lucky you will never have to experience the evil goon!
I think its cool you don’t drink.
Me neither 😉


To be honest, I just wouldn’t make an issue of it. If people ask if you’re coming out, then just go. Order tonic water or coke, and people will just assume you’re drinking.
Obviously I don’t think anyone should have to lie about not drinking, but you will inevitably get the questions about why, etc. etc. and I could do without that.
It’s a fact that if you’ve got a glass of tonic water, people will just assume you’re drinking.


After just having a very very expensive 10 day holiday in NYC and Miami, I wish I didn’t drink on that holiday.
Such a waste of money when you don’t remember anything.

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