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South America short trip

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Hi all!
I’m approaching my final year at university and hence my final substantial summer break. I haven’t travelled outside of Europe much and I’m keen to see a bit more of the world while I have the time. South America is high on the list and I’d like to know where in particular people would recommend for a young woman potentially travelling solo, in August/September.
I’m aiming for a trip that’s around 3-4 weeks long, so unfortunately routes that span the whole continent (or even half of it) are unrealistic. I’m not an adrenaline junkie so not so fussed about extreme sports, more interested in the beautiful landscapes and good food.
How do I narrow it down when it all looks so incredible?! Any help/advice appreciated!!



Ah sounds like me, although I’d be interested in going for longer. I want to go somewhere really cool that doesn’t have require too much travel but will be so much fun and so awesome when I get there I won’t need to travel around too much. Let me know where you come up with because I could be interested. %-P


I think I’m leaning towards 3 weeks in Peru. It’s said to be one of the cheaper countries in South America and also one of the safest. My biggest worry now is that I don’t speak a word of Spanish!! I take it for granted that in most of Europe you can get by speaking English. Not in South America!

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