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STAFF! InterRailing Europe – your trip

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Hi Guys,
We’re looking to post your comments on our new InterRailing section. We’re looking for people who have travelled through Europe to post their trips in a similar fashion to this:
We want more user input before the summer InterRailing season really kicks off. If you have InterRailed and want to talk about your experiences then let us know all about it! We will publish your comments, stick a photo up and hopefully you will influence others to make a similar trip to yours!
We’re particularly looking for people who have travelled through Eastern Europe and the Balkans/Greece/Turkey.
If you’re our guy then get in contact by message or at msherifi@gapyear.com.
Look forward to hearing from you!


I have travelled through much of eastern Europe by train, bus, car, boat and donkey (I’m lying on the last part, but I’m sure it’s possible in the more remote places).
However I never used interrail as didn’t seem worth it especially considering bus is often quicker and the distances aren’t always great

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