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SO Superman has returned after 20 years away!
Where the hell was he when we really needed him
-9/11 twin towers
-London Bombings
-Madrid Bombings
-Cyclone in New Orleans
Well if you ask me he should Piss off back to crypton.Cheeky Twat strolling back here like he owns the place because hes in love with some slapper.


This is all very true James
Have to admit that i quite enjoyed the film though when i saw it back in Malaysia. I think the new guy does a good job as the super hero.
One thing that really saddened me though was that there was no mention of Christopher Reeve in the credits. I thought it would have been appropriate had they of included him as he is the true superman after all!


WHAT DO YOU MEAN , FILM? I thought it was a documentary

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