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THAT travel item you couldn’t live without…

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Everyone says there is one thing that helped them out whilst travelling. One little thing that made their life easier. I want to know what it is. From the biggest to the smallest. From the heaviest to the lightest. From the expensive to the cheap. Anything that can help out other backpackers.
I will get the ball rolling:
A toothbrush cover – Does exactly what it says on the tin. Covers the head of your toothbrush so it doesn’t soak up the after-sun that exploded in your wash bag. An amazing little item that constantly keeps your breath fresh. Price – £1


For Australia, a Medicare card. I had to use it multiple times for the smallest things while I was in Aus and it saved me a few hundred dollars…cost: Free!
Generally, I would say mosquito repellent. I had some real, real issues with mosquito bites at first, which ended up putting me in hospital so this is one I will definately recommend!! Make sure it’s one with deet in, it really does make all the difference.
Another essential for me would be a pair of black shorts. These are multi-purpose, can be used for work, leisure and aeroplanes! Thats my 2 cents worth 🙂
Happy travels everyone


Merrell Sandals – they were the best! They were so comfy I left imprints of my toes in them. Were perfect for trekking in SE Asia, Australia & New Zealand. Are pretty lightweight and good if you’re going to be doing any biking


Merrell sandals are ace. I had a pair myself and they were all I trekked in when I went to Nepal. I like the fact that they have velcro fastenings too – means you can just strap them to the side of your bag ! Easy !


Duct tape.
So, so, so many uses.

Plus it’s a lot less conspicuous that carrying handcuffs.


Toilet paper, or tissues. So many toilets I’ve visted (even ones in the UK) where there hasnt been toilet paper around.
And a little tub of alcohol gel is useful too


Mosquito repellent.
Imagine what I would have looked like if I didn’t use it – [url=http://img207.imageshack.us/i/mosquitoes.jpg/ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]http://img207.imageshack.us/i/mosquitoes.jpg/[/url]


This is a hard one!
I think I have to say a book.
Because you can swap it in hostels, so you always have a book! So that one book, lasts for every beach/bus journey/coffee for your whole trip! 😀
My travel towel and camera were also in my short list….!


ipod to escape that screaming baby whos mother said to you at the start of the trip oh she is such a little angel- yeah no!
Also, my asthma puffer cause i realised that underdeveloped countries that are trying to develop has alot of pollution which my lungs did not appreciate hehehe


[quote-0]Mosquito repellent.
Imagine what I would have looked like if I didn't use it - [url=http://img207.imageshack.us/i/mosquitoes.jpg/ rel="nofollow" target="_blank"]http://img207.imageshack.us/i/mosquitoes.jpg/[/url][/quote-0]
EEK! That’s a lot what I look like when I use repellent too.
I don’t often use it here in Darwin, and I get eaten alive 🙁
I think they like fresh, English blood better than the Aussie stuff – they wanna try something different and exotic!

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