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The Official Gapyear Instagram thread!

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Hello, Gapyear denizens!
It’s difficult to resist showing off to the world the amazing things you see while you’re travelling, and Instagram provides the perfect platform to document and share the incredible sights of your backpacking adventure.
Are you an Instagram user? Use this thread to pimp your profile and show the gap year world why everyone should be following you!
I’d also like to encourage you (in the classiest way possible) to follow the official Gapyear Instagram account: [url=https://instagram.com/gapyeardotcom/ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]https://instagram.com/gapyeardotcom/[/url]
We always want to see what our users are getting up to while they’re on their travels. Tag your best shots with ‘#gapsnap’ and we’ll repost our favourites to show them off to the gap year world!
Thanks, everyone! Happy #gapsnapping!


Shameless plug, but I bloody love a bit of Instagram action:
[url=http://www.instagram.com/petejchurchill/ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]http://www.instagram.com/petejchurchill/[/url]


I actually didn’t post that often as i didnt want to end up glued to technology, bu people are free to check me out anyway!
[url=https://instagram.com/nikkismith88 rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]https://instagram.com/nikkismith88[/url]


This picture is incredible! [url=https://instagram.com/p/sPmPZsN89p/ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]https://instagram.com/p/sPmPZsN89p/[/url]

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