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So…you’re in a restaurant in Trinidad and you decide to try the curried goat to see if it tastes like chicken (well, everything else does) only to find that ‘off horse’ would possibly be the best way to describe the resturant’s dish of the day. Unknown to you the dish is actually out of date and minging (and so not supposed to taste like that), only you don’t find out until 4 am when you are busy ‘passing acid’ and carefully counting the tiles on the toilet floor.
Diarrhoea (‘the squits’) is almost a travelling certainty, however, how you deal with it could end up saving your life. Dehydration can kill, so rehydration is important. You should take some rehydration sachets in your medical kit, however, sipping flat coke can do the trick as well. Sip slowly and make sure you also drink loads of water.
Mmmm – nice! 🙂


Sounds like it would make you feel better but coke contains caffine which actually dehydrates you so maybe not such a good idea (its why you cant drink tea or coffee as part of your 8 glasses of water a day, only herbal teas). 😯


But coke does contain a lot of sugar and other things that you pass out when you have the squits, so work it the same way as if your hungover – A glass of coke for the sugar and stuff, a glass of water to counteract the effects of the caffine, and then a glass of water to rehydrate you.
If your feeling stingy and don’t want to buy rehydration sachets add 3 teaspoons of sugar and one of salt to a strong glass of Orange Squash, and it will have exactly the same effect.
Remember you should drink at least 2.5L of water a day, and be making 5 full baldder pisses a day, (well that what the nurse who doubled as my group leader told me).


A friend gave me a wicked drink to get over a hangover or feeling rough in any way generally – put a glass of milk, an egg, brown sugar and a banana in a blender, whizz and then drink. This is good as milk helps to settle a bad stomach, the sugar gives u a quick boost of energy, the egg has lots of protein and the banana has potassium and zinc in along with carbohydrates which give you a sustained energy release. If you dont blend it, the egg can be pretty gross though.


The problem with milk when you are hungover is, that if you have really been on the lash and you havent got rid of all the fluids in your body, the milk will curdle with the alcohol still in you and when that comes back up it tastes really nasty.
I always try to use coke and find that it either makes me feel better or makes me throw, either way I feel better sooner than later


I’ve always found that Beechams Cold/Flu + Hot Berry Fruits, a can of Coke and a pint of water do the trick for me.
Not that I ever really get hangovers though! I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.


Euw, the milk thing sounds gross, i’ll watch out for that. Toast is my hangover cure, works everytime and then i feel so much better but thanks for the warning


Phoning in sick, followed by a 20 hour lie in is my personal favourite.


Heres a tip for diarrhoea that i learnt whilst doing my degree in nutrition.
My teacher called it the cup and spoon method.
1. You fill the cup (i.e. plastic, paper cup, mug etc) with water (bottled or boiled if ur in a iffy country)
2. Put a teaspoon of sugar into the cup using the big end of the teaspoon.
3. Using the small end of the teaspoon, the handle part, put some salt into the cup.
The salt and the sugar allow more water to be asbsorbed into the body because they use different pathways in the intestine. As the salt and water get absorbed they take water with it, therefore absorbing nore than if the salt and sugar wasnt there.
Drink about 15 cups of this a day until you are better. Sounds a lot but in the context of 24 hours a day it isnt really.
The good thing about this is that if you are in a foreign country, even delveloping, you should be able to find a cup, spoon, and sugar and salt sachets anywhere. i.e. catering parts of hotels, on trains maybe.
And its quite easy to remember.


I think that is not a good idea using coke after your meal. it contains carbonated water which is not good, I think simple water is good to drink rather than coke.

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