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Travel buddies 2019-2020

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Hi I’m Grace! Wanting to go traveling 2019/2020 (no specific dates in mind) but to scared to do it alone haha! Thinking of South Asia and ending in Australia but open to other places! I would prefer to travel with girls (no offence guys!) anyone interested message me or message me on Instagram… my name is @gracetomkinson17 xxx


Hi Grace, I‘m Brenda. I will graduate in early 2020 and would love to travel afterwards as well! How do you plan to travel? Something like work and travel?


Hi Brenda!
To be honest I haven’t thought that far into it! I know where I want to go but that’s about it haha! I don’t really know the first thing about planning to travel. Do you know how your wanting to do it? Where you wanting to go?


Hey I’m Katie and I’m Wanting to go traveling 2019/2020. I’m planning on heading out at the end of December to have New Year in Aus and spending a month or so there, then spending a few months in South Asia and then I’m planning to do a working ski season in New Zealand but open to going anywhere else along the way. If anyone is interested please message me on Instagram, my name is @katiewillis.97 or email me on Katie.willis01@hotmail.com xx

Maz Jane Speight

Hi Grace,
I am 21 and planning on going traveling around October this year. My plans are for Asia like Bali and Thailand then to go to Aus to doing traveling and work.
I have looked a few websites for deals and help.
If this is of any interest to you, my Instagram is Mazjane616 if you want to drop me a message

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