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Travel buddies for Oz 2018/19

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Hi guys,
I’m 18 and from Ireland. While most other people in my year are going straight to college, I’m planning on taking a gap year-ish from November ’18 to the end of July 2019 before starting university. I’m hoping to start in Australia on a WHV with lots of travelling of course! And then on to South Africa for a month of volunteering maybe. I’m just looking for a couple travel buddies to go with me and I’m open to suggestions on times,dates,destinations etc.
Message me if you’re interested, thanks 🙂


Hey I’m loooking to travel to aus this year for a year myself would be good to meet up on the way as going alone let me know cheers ☺️

Georgia Connell

Hey 🙂 I’m also looking to travel Australia end of the year hopefully so have plenty of time to save! Originally from Ireland also lol!

megan cridland

Hey guys
I was kind of in the same boat when I cam to Australia I was 19 when I first came out and I came out on my own. I done this tour though called welcome to travel Melbourne. It was insane. The guys who run it also sorted out my bank account SIM card and all the important stuff I needed and also helped me find my farm work so I can do my second year. Of course we done fun stuff too like skydiving beach days and road trips. The group I was with was incredible and I’m actually travelling the east coast with some of them now. Highly recommend guys!


Hey! I’m an 18 year old girl from the US and I am looking to volunteer in Ghana, which is in West Africa, for six months of my gap year. Ghana is pretty different from South Africa but if you would want to know more about volunteering there, let me know and we could meet up!:)

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