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Travel Checklist? READ ME FIRST!

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Travel Plug 😀 ( for the sink )


[quote-0]Also I'm a bit paranoid about security so I digg what has been said earlier about emailing your docs (photo's of passport, and other important documents). Howver I would suggest zipping these documents up and encrypting the archive with a password. It just ensures that if your email is compromised no usefull info can get into the hands of those miscreants!!![/quote-0]
this is a good idea, anyone know how i can do this? i have hotmail…


Easy peasy (instructions for a PC user):
Use a scanner to scan your passport, visa pages, debit/credit cards etc as a jpeg or other image file.
Get all your files together and put them in a folder
Right click on the folder and click ‘Zip’ or ‘Archive’.
Follow the instructions, add a password (usually in the ‘advanced’ tab). Click ‘archive’ or ‘zip’ or ‘ok’
Email the Zip folder to yourself.


[quote-0]- You have mentioned Deet, but you may also want some sort of Permethrin spray - could be usefull to stop those mozzies landing on your linens. I've often got bitten through my clothes and this stuff is odourless and last for ages. Can also be used if you end up sleeping in some dodgy hostel with bedbugs. Maybe worthwhile spraying the hell out of your sleeping bag liner.[/quote-0]
Permethrin is a good idea but if you do take it with you remember that it is extremely toxic to animals and other wildlife so be exceptionally careful not to spray it near a water source that animals (or people) might drink from etc.
I was devasted when a gecko crawled onto my permethrin impregnated mosquito net and died 🙁


[quote-0]Travel Plug 😀 ( for the sink )[/quote-0]
I use the lid of my deodourant can. It does the same job 😛


poor gecko 🙁


the best advice i got….
if you dont wear it at home, you wont wear it whilst travelling. ie take clothes you find comfortable in,
and personally always take a jumper and jacket, it can get very cold in even the desert


I took a travel plug on my first trip and never used it. What I have found really useful is a travel clothes line (just elastic twisted together with hooks on either end) and biodegradable soap for doing laundry.
As a woman who’s mostly been travelling in Asia recently, I haven’t found myself needing more than one vest top. I prefer lighter, looser tops that cover my shoulders or upper arms. Good at keeping off sun, insects and lecherous man stares (although I’ve found less of the last in SE Asia compared with e.g. India).
I’d also recommend the Mooncup (or similar) to women over pads or tampons. It seems like a weird idea at first if you’ve never heard of it before, but it beats disposable sanitary products for many reasons and saves space in your bag.


This topic is so helpful! I’m going to Australia in 17 days and I’ve been stressing loads about what to take!
I used the template in the first post to make my list, it’s probably too much stuff but I’ll find out when I try and pack it all in my rucksack!
Here it is:
The Essentials:
– Rucksack – 65L + 15L daysack
– Passport
– Flight confirmation
– Travel insurance
– Debit card, emergency credit card (also getting an Australian bank card when I get there)
– Probably about 200AUD cash
– A spare pair of glasses & a copy of my prescription

– Health and travel insurance documents
– Photocopies of passport & drivers license (also saved in my emails)
– Print outs of my first hostel confirmation, OzIntro confirmation etc.
– Copies of my pill and eczema cream prescriptions.

– Underwear X 7
– Socks X 4
– Bra X 3
– Bikini X 2
– Shorts X 2
– Boardshorts X 1
– Jeans X 1
– Leggings X 1
– Dresses X 4 (maybe a bit excessive… but they’re all light..)
– T-shirts/vest tops X 5
– Longsleeve top
– Cardigan
– Hoodie
– Waterproof Jacket
– Pyjamas
– Flip-flops
– Comfy Shoes
– Sandals
– Plain black flat shoes (for nights out, meals out etc)

– Pill
– A couple of Sanitary towels
– Toothbrush (with toothbrush cover), toothpaste, floss
– Shampoo & conditioner (small bottles)
– Deodorant
– Razor
– Moisturiser
– Nail clippers
– Baby wipes
– Sun cream, factor 30 & 50 (my face burns easily!)
– Sponge
– Make up (just eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara)
– Make up remover
– Lip balm (with SPF)
– Hairbrush
– Bobbles
– Travel hairdryer
– Straighteners (can’t do without them!)

Medical Kit:
– Plasters
– Bandages
– Safety pins
– Antiseptic wipes
– Antiseptic handwash
– Antiseptic cream
– Ibuprofen/paracetamol
– Antihistamines
– Cotton wool
– Insect repellant
– Eczema cream

Gizmos and gadgets:
– Camera & 2 memory cards
– Mobile phone
– Laptop
– Chargers
– External HD
– USB stick (8GB)
– Plug adapter (check which type you need beforehand)
– Torch

– Sunglasses
– Travel towel
– Sleeping bag liner
– Ear plugs
– Fiction book & Lonely Plant guide
– Playing cards
– Sewing Kit
– Swiss Army Knife? (Haven’t bought one yet but I’m considering it…)
– Waterproof rucksack liner
– Pen and paper
– Travel Journal
– Travel Clothes Line
– Padlock X2
– Handbag
– A couple of ziplock bags, drys bags etc


Wow, this is going to be very useful! 🙂 Cheers!

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