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Travel Checklist? READ ME FIRST!

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This is soooo useful thank you guys…..im going to Australia in November and want to start getting organised partly because im so excited ill probably end up packing and re-packing about 100 times ๐Ÿ˜€


Im going to Australia in October and havn’t even got a backpack yet xD, wont be buying one untill the funds top up a bit as still need to pay for flights yet lol.
I’m not so worried about forgetting some of the basic things as Australia will have everything I need, maybe a bit expensive here and there but still gettable.
I heard people saying a small knife is handy to have, but isn’t it classed as a weapon in Oz as well and surely can get in trouble having one?


[quote-0]Im going to Australia in October and havn't even got a backpack yet xD, wont be buying one untill the funds top up a bit as still need to pay for flights yet lol.[/quote-0]
When you do get around to buying one, read this thread first! [url=http://boards.gapyear.com/index.php?op=vt&c=4&f=65&t=500584]http://boards.gapyear.com/index.php?op=vt&c=4&f=65&t=500584[/url]


helpful topi ๐Ÿ™‚


this is really helpful, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


Great List
Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€


I didnt even use my first aid kit till about 3 months into my trip and even then I had to get most of what i needed from the local pharmacy. Take the basics but dont overload yourself. I also find a sewing kit after 6 months when I returned home which I had forgotten I even packed! If your anything like me then you’ll probably want to pack for every eventuality but trust me you can get just about anything you need when your away. I left with a 12kg backpack and came back with an 18kg backpack – remember to leave space for all your souvenirs!
I would also recommend that when your buying your backpack you avoid a toploader. I took one of these and was constantly having to unpack everything to find anything in my backpack.
You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can eventually pack your bag too. I managed a complete pack within 5 minutes whilst still drunk after stoating in at 7am one morning in Cambodia – oh the memories! ๐Ÿ˜†


My piece of advice-
I’m one of these girls who likes to hoard leaflets, tickets, maps, you name it- i kept it. I also took 1 journal, then in NZ bought a second one.
I kids you not-collecting all that paper weighed an extra 2kilos in my bag and made such a difference. If you think you’ll be like this and want little bits to keep hold of, be very strict and only keep key stuff you really know you’ll look at again, otherwise its added weight for nothing.
I found my heaviest item to be my washbag. Easily like 4kilos on its own, filled with tablets, lotions, sun creams blabla…I have very sensitive skin (and dry sometimes) but when i got to asia, the humidity meant it was NEVER DRY-and my moisteriser never once came out the bag. Also agreeing on the vest tops- you’ll end up with 1 or 2 things you live in, and i would wear my board shorts for weeks if they weren’t dirty. I would easily wear a vest top for the same time if it stayed clean too. If you’re sweating lots in humidity tho, maybe not so cool, haha! ๐Ÿ˜†


This is a bit of combination of what I took on my last trip and what I’ll take on my next

Travel money card โ€“ Saves the hassle of travellerโ€™s cheques
2x Current account cards
2x Credit cards
Citibank account โ€“ set up with multiple currency accounts.
Travel insurance โ€“ Insureandgo are pretty good and cover a decent amount of activities

[b]Lowepro Fastpack 350[/b]

Canon point and shoot
Canon 7D SLR
Canon 24-70mm lens
Canon 70-200 Lens
Canon 50mm lens
Lens filters
Macbook โ€“ Guidebooks loaded on to save space
3x 8GB Memory cards
500GB external harddrive
Travel adapter
Ipod and headphones
Bag containing cables and bits

Passport and ticket wallet
Passport and document copies also saved to google documents
Travel journal โ€“ Moleskine are good
International driverโ€™s licence โ€“ Never once had to show it (valid one year)

[b]Lowe Alpine 60 Litre rucksack[/b]

1x Board shorts
1x Day to day shorts
1x evening shorts
1x Icebreaker longsleave
3x Tshirts
3x Vests
Boxers and socks
Trekking trainers
Trekking trousers
Towel โ€“ bought them along the way
Silk sleeping bag liner
2x Drybags to separate clothes
Lockable rucksack coverbag โ€“ used for transport
Watertight drybag

Leatherman โ€“ Had to throw my last Swiss army knife in the bin at Bangkok airport
Mobile phone
Basic toiletries

Bought general stuff along the way, so much cheaper than back home.
Malaria tablets โ€“ 6 months supply, really didnโ€™t need it, and took my chances.
Melatonin/Valium โ€“ Good for getting to sleep on night buses/trains. You can buy Valium in pharmacies in Asia with no prescription.
[b]Things I ditchedโ€ฆ.[/b]
Travel money belt โ€“ annoying, uncomfortable. Used a wallet
Mosquito net โ€“ Places they are needed are generally found in the accommodation I was staying


[quote-0]you'll end up with 1 or 2 things you live in, and i would wear my board shorts for weeks if they weren't dirty. I would easily wear a vest top for the same time if it stayed clean too.[/quote-0]
Me too, I completely agree!
Like literally weeks….
Well shorts/bottoms would go weeks, a vest top only maybe 2 weeks! ๐Ÿ˜†

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