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Travelling on crutches

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So, I am due to go away on the 11th July, just for a long weekend, but on Tuesday I fell over whilst playing netball, heard a large crack and thought a trip to A&E might be a good idea. Turns out I’ve fractured my ankle and am now in a cast and on crutches.
Has anyone ever had to travel whilst on crutches and if so, how was it? I’ve emailed my airline to tell them (and hope they can put me in a row with extra leg room). Is there anything else I should do? I’m going to Basel in Switzerland.


Oh no, really sorry to hear that 🙁
Where are you staying once you’re there? It’s probably worth getting in touch with your hotel or hostel to make sure your room is easy to get to.
Otherwise, just try and take it easy when you’re out there!


Ar dude, that sucks. Especially somewhere like that where you’d want to walk around. Don’t really have any suggestions, just to say that I think it will be annoying, but sure you’ll deal with it. You can get some good strong arms on the go – to look at it positively!


It was surprisingly okay actually. The weather was beautiful so we were able to spend a lot of time sitting outside, mostly by the banks of the Rhine, watching the world go by.
Whilst EasyJet never bothered replying to my email, they had no problem with me having free priority boarding which was nice!
Moral of this episode – never let an injury get in the way of a good holiday!!


I’d heard you can’t fly with a limb in plaster because the limb expands in the pressurised cabin, so blood supply can be restricted by the plaster. I thought the only option is for them to cut a line down the cast so it can still expand while offering support. Is this a myth? Was your case firmly encasing your leg and you didn’t have any problems?


I actually wondered about this myself, I really wish to travel SE Asia in the near future but am possibly going to be on crutches for a long time due to ligament damage. I am capable of using stairs and uneven surfaces etc. If walking slower and carefully.
I have tried researching everywhere but no one seems to of ever travelled with crutches.
Has anyone travelled Asia with an injury? How did you survive?


Well, I was put in a cast when I first went to A&E one day before my original post. I then went back to the fracture clinic a few days later where they were deciding whether to leave me in a cast or put me in a protective boot. They had decided on the cast until I mentioned that I was due to fly a few days later at which point they immediately told me I’d have to be in a boot as “airlines don’t like casts”. I didn’t ask anymore but I assume it’s to do with the swelling and restrictiveness of a cast. In the end, I flew in a boot and the airline had no problem.
I was actually talking to a friend today who mentioned that he knew someone who’d broken a bone in Costa Rica and when they flew home, in a cast, a line was cut in the cast to allow for expansion.
In terms of travelling in SE Asia, there will be a lot of uneven surfaces that you’ll need to negotiate – more than you are used to at home. Also, remember that it can get very hot and humid which can make things even more uncomfortable. Having said that, you know your limits and as long as you you’re careful, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy yourself.

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