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I’m thinking of going on a Trekforce expedition to Guyana on a conservation project. I was just wondering if there is anybody here who has been or is going on an expedition and what they think. Since i’m not entirely sure whether I want to go or not since the fees seem slightly expensive and do not include the flight there. Plus I need to send a £200 non-returnable deposit by Oct 1st otherwise the fees will increase slightly.

Becky 🙂


Yes, I know what you mean, I’ve sent off a form for an Introduction day, but they do seem quite expensive for 8 weeks. Don’t rush it though.



Girls, Girls, Girls.

Please stop doubting what you know to be right. i have recently returned from being away for seven months in central america. the first five months were spent on a trekforce project in belize and guatemala. and they were, quite simply five of the best months of my life. there is none of the crap that you get from other organisations. firstly the group is really really friendly. it’s like a properly incestuous family. pretty much all the staff are ex trekkers and so they know exactly what it is that they need to do to make your time as good as possible. the others are qualified or trained up to the hilt in all the sorts of things that they need to know to ensure safety and all the serious stuff. so if you had any concerns on that sort of thing, don’t.

the serious experience is awesome. i built a ranger station and then took a 16 day long trek into the jungle. now i’d love to go into the wealth of experiences that i had, from stumbling across a jaguar or seeing a flock of scarlet macaw to climbing victoria peak or walking straight into the garden of eden in the middle of the jungle. and of course on project, the building (obviously) was such wicked fun. no one being anal about health and safety – us taking care that we didn’t kill ourselves. and the parties. none of this, ‘oh no – you’re not allowed to drink on our projects’ rubbish
work hard and party hard. party really really hard. so much rum. in so many different forms – so many people having such a good time.

you’ll understand what i mean when you get back from your project, but to go with anyone else would be simply ridiculous. if you want to know more or meet up for a drink and a chat, or see my pictures, then email me. MattBarber1@Hotmail.com

make the right choice. it is SO worth the money.

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