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USA Summer Camp!!

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Hey everyone!

My name is Zoe. Next year in the summer I plan to go to a USA Summer Camp and was wondering if anyone else had the same ideas/plans? It would be super cool to meet people and travel there together. Also become friends and travel the 3-4 weeks after camp together?

Please don’t hesitate to reply as I am super excited to go on this trip in the future and hopefully meet some people who I can travel and become friends with!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone as well!

I hope to hear back from some of you guys!
-Zoe :lol::-):):-P:P:coolsmile:


I went to summer camp when I was 19 and it was BRILLIANT. Absolutely changed my life and outlook. I hadn’t really travelled much until I did that but I met so many inspirational people who I’ve travelled the world to see, it’s been incredible.

I’d recommend anyone to do summer camp. It’s a great way to start your travels off if you’re a little nervous about doing it by yourself and don’t have much money but you want to do something cool. Do it! :coolcheese:

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