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Volunteering Abroad (IVHQ)

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Fatima Ameer

Hi guys,
I was wondering if anyone has been with IVHQ to Cambodia and more specifically for their Teaching English program. I’ve never traveled abroad with any volunteering company before so obviously have some inhibitions. I wanted to know if it’s safe and if it’s actually going to be a meaningful experience.

Any comments would be highly appreciated!


Not yet, But I am looking forward to it.


Namkhan Eco farm in Luang Prabang, Laos is the place where you get to volunteering for free. It is perfect place for you where you can learn and build up your skills. They are running project to get people aware about permaculture. It is beautiful place where you will get chance to interact with locals and get to learn their local language and their Buddhist culture. Namkhan Eco Farm grows vegetables, fruits and herbs in natural way without using any artificial resources, where you can learn about eco farming. Moreover If you are good in english, you can make learn english to local childrens. There are learning centers in farm where you can teach and can learn also. The place parallel to Namkhan river which is surrounded with nature where you take sun bath, relax and swim.

They provide free accommodation, there are bungalows for volunteers to live and they do not charge any money for staying.
They provide three meals in a day which is free and its their farm fresh food they serve, due to their freshness the food is very delicious.
You can learn and make handmade bamboo baskets, lamps, paintings etc. There is also gardens where you can relax, exercise, yoga. There are also some out door games like volleyball, badminton, football etc and you will get to play with locals. Moreover, the place is surrounded by significant Buddhist temple, where you will get to explore a very different religion. There are tours for volunteers like temples tour, elephant camps, waterfall, Namkhan river etc.
You can visit their website http://www.namkhanproject.com/ to know more about their project.


Thank you Anonymous! It’s exactly the type of project I’m looking for, centered on studying and practising permaculture, voluteering in exchange of accomodation, and all these side benefits allowed by such a great experience.
I am a single brazilian, 41, happy to break a 17 years administrative career towards new discoveries and ways of life. Starting my gap year in May/June 2018, short planning still, heading towards Europe/Asia, but here we go. Thanks!

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