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What CAN you do with a TEFL certificate?

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mannyp wrote:

and if you dont have degrees, you would be doing it illegaly? What would happen if youd would get caught?

I’ve heard terrible things about Thai jails.


and china?

Lunny wrote:

^ Any university degree is enough .

And Carragher, not that I’m advocating it but around half the teachers in my city don’t have degrees or TEFL or anything. It can be done. Just ask James1985!

Cheers mate! Defo going to have a look in to this I think.


i dont have a degree and have no problem at all in getting jobs. I do have a Tefl, which is more relevant than a degree in many subjects.


UK-TEFL do 2 and 3 day Standard courses for anyone; even if you don’t have teaching experience or have a degree. If you are experienced in teaching and lesson planning, there is a 2 day Advanced course.
The 20 or 28 hour course gives you the qualification to teach English as a foreign lanaguge full time. Once you pass the course, you recieve a free one month trial to view all the teaching placements. They vary from voluntary, short term and long term placements.
UK-TEFL also offer money saving bundles that can save you upto £170. They include the accredited NCFE certificate and various teaching guides and lesson plans.


A TEFL without the 16 hours classroom experience isn’t really worth anything anyway.

Garybliss123 wrote:

A TEFL without the 16 hours classroom experience isn’t really worth anything anyway.

You could always roll it up and use it as a pretend telescope.


i did a basic online TEFL

I then worked on my TEFL experience……………. Taught/Voluntarily taught English in a school in main land Europe…

Later…taught English running a summer camp in main land Europe..even featured in the papers 😉

Eventually, I hope to governess / Teach English as a nanny/governess in Russia for a while… one way to avoid a 25 yr mortgage!


A TEFL certificate is mainly for teaching abroad. Schools can have different requirements and preferences.

It does not replace a degree though which you need to legally teach abroad most of the time.

I don’t know what kind of jobs you are looking at, but the schools that require teaching licenses are often international schools, some public schools (like in Taiwan).

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