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your trip sounds similar to what i had in mind myself… i am currently working in ireland but i sick bored of my job so thought to leave in february for the Us and then start a round the world trip in may towards asia.. as far as i can go have no fixed plans in mind yet but would also like to cover thailand oz newz land and if i am that brave by the time i get there continue for fijy haway ect san fran and back..


Sounds like you would need gapkids….ha ha!!!!

the only real gapyears are pre university
any other years off work are just holidays
say ‘gapyear’ to someone and they think pre-uni


kids are easy just stick them in front of the tv!


Being a teacher kinda puts you off children – what if mine end up like some of my class 😯
I’m taking a gap pregnancy – my trip is 9 months long.
Don’t have a job to come back to. Hopefully should be easier to get a better one in a nicer school, nearer my house, when I come back – fluent in spanish (I must listen to my cds) and having taught abroad, etc.
or I might move to another country….. 8)


guess im taking a career gap, however i wouldnt class my job as a career, but i will be returning to it when i get back from my travels. well i will till i have saved enough money to either go travelling again or move away


[quote-0]the only real gapyears are pre university
any other years off work are just holidays [/quote-0]
what about post-uni but pre-job/career? Can’t really be a holiday, and if were quiting your job to travel that’s not a holiday either.
[quote-1]say 'gapyear' to someone and they think pre-uni[/quote-1]
I think that used to be true but not anymore, more and more people are travelling who dont intend to go to uni, or after uni. Im sure Peter or Tom has been on here saying that career-gapping is the fastest growing market.
Not that it actually matters what you call it, can get round it by saying Im going travelling for X length of time!

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