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What is your favourite travel book?

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Time Travellers Wife is a nice one 🙂
I’m studying travel writing as part of my course at uni at the moment and love it! But the writing I’m studying isn’t the sort I can add to a list of favourites unfortunately!


[quote-0]Damage done- a book about a moaning fuck aussie twat who spends the whole book crying that he doesnt deserver to be in prison when he had spent years smuggling crack and got caught. Knew what he was doing, deserved it in my opinion.
Marching Powder- a book about a rather amusing scouser who got caught smuggling cocaine from bolivia and tells his story about living in a mental prison, and doesnt spend the whole time crying about it because he knows it was his fault![/quote-0]
Im seeing a slight pattern in these books…. 🙄 Mr Nice 8)


those books are like broken records sometimes! Marching powder was good though, i have Mr Nice to read though, not desperate to read it just yet!


I’ve hardly read any of these books!
I read all the Dan Brown novels while I was travelling. Swapped one for the next at each hostel as there were always tons of copies to choose from. 🙂


I thought Mr Nice was shit. I “finished” reading it about 2 weeks ago – it’s the only book I have not got to the end of. It took me about 6 months to read half of it and I gave up.
Repetitive, boring and nowhere as exciting as I was expecting! I was expecting it to be similar to Marching Powder but Mr Nice was a massive let down!


Not read it myself yet just interested me but it seems the others mentioned are more worth while, i do read too much James patterson though, as i like thriller / crime books, one that sounds good that i was looking at getting was Toyko Vice, anyone read / heard of it?


The Island was ok, I can’t remember who it was by… It was about a leper colony on the Greek Islands (fiction, I think)


Paul Theroux, great travel books !


[quote-0]The Island...(fiction, I think)[/quote-0]
you mean hope hahaha


I really like Mr. Nice, thought it was a great book.
I also loved Marching Powder, but I’m sure that reading it whilst in Bolivia helped.
Karl Pilkington’s “An Idiot Abroad” is brilliant, but I guess you don’t ‘read’ it, so much as just laugh at it.

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