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What is your favourite travel book?

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It was more a true story about drug smuggling in Thailand that scared the hell out of me and kept making me think people had put stuff in my bag. Damage Done: My 12 years of hell in a Bankok prison by Warren Fellows. Great book, but not so good to read just before you are going over the border from Thailand to malaysia!!

Unless you are smuggling yourself you shouldn’t be worried. And if you are, better not to be caught in malaysia!


It’s not a book about travelling, and I certainly don’t recommend it to anyone who gets offended easily, but I highly enjoyed “I hope they serve beer in hell” It keeped me entertained on the flight back from thailand.
Another one I recommend is “True Spirit” it’s about the 16 year old girl who sailed on her own around the world, even better her hometown was where I was staying in Australia at the time!! Although she doesn’t stop on land it captivates the spirit of travelling on your own.
This might be a little odd but I always read the Wiki page on the town/city/area I’m in as it gives a little cultural background to it as well as give you a few ideas on what to do!!
Thats my 2 cents worth 🙂

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