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What sacrifices are you making for your trip?

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Whatever sacrifices you make, I can assure you it’s all worth it. Every second of it…


[quote-0 author="Macca" date="1366967480"]Whatever sacrifices you make, I can assure you it's all worth it. Every second of it...[/quote-0]
My goat would probably disagree.


[quote-1 author="Warrick" date="1367226281"][quote-0 author="Macca" date="1366967480"]Whatever sacrifices you make, I can assure you it's all worth it. Every second of it...[/quote-0]
My goat would probably disagree. [/quote-1]
This just made me laugh out loud in the office! 🙂
Speaking of sacrifices, I’ve got another to add…
Just had to turn down a promotion at work because I’d have to hand in my notice 2 weeks ion to my new job… (stupid 3 month notice period!)


I suppose my sacrifice is being unable to move out! I looked into it last week, worked out a budget and everything and I realised I definitely earnt enough to cope on my own…however this would have meant scrapping the whole travelling thing cos I wouldnt be able to save!


So it’s another bank holiday weekend. Everyone is out and about again. I on the other hand, have done bugger all really. Well nothing that costs any money anyway. Got a crate of beers, watched some films and imagined how much money I ll be pissing down the drain if I was out in boring South East London tonight!
Not really a massive sacrifice cause all you guys are in the same boat but hey…
Might be a sad thing to do but it keeps you on track…I have a gander at my online banking to look at how much money I have saved up so far!


Well my bank holiday has consisted of working friday night 6 – 4am,
saturday day…posting ebay items, sleeping, then working 7 – 2am (although i then ran to my local music venue to dance to 50’s music for half an hour)
sunday 11:30 – 6 then 8 – 3am. and i’m up in 5/6 hours to work 4 hours at m&s and then i’m working a few hours in the evening.
AND then i’m spoiling myself by going for drinks with some friends…i think it will be messy.
and then i’ll get on with the rest of my 75 hour working week.
I’m lucky though as i’m living rent free. So the money I earn can mostly go towards travelling and i have some left over to treat myself.
I need sanity in my life still.


That’s some crazy hours you’re working there! Yeah being able to treat yourself is a must I think. I was out a couple weeks ago for a friends birthday, drinks all day and an Indian in the evening. Still only spent 80 quid though, which is good compared to the stupid amount of money I used to spend.
Just worked it out, this bank holiday I have spent the grand total of 12 pound! Ha. Luckily I live with my old dear so rent is next to nothing! Bit depressing that I havent seen any friends this weekend but hey. Guess that’s a sacrifice ay.
I want to travel to America, Hawaii, Fiji, Aus, New Zealand and S.E.A. So the more money I have, the better.


Haha…yeah it is getting to me. I have 8 hours until my next shift and now i’m starting to flag. I think I shall have a few hours kip.
Yeah just keep thinking of where you can go and do with that money you save 🙂
I’m visitng my old mates in Bristol on monday…but I need to. They’re a good bunch 🙂


i am leaving next month and all i can say is it has been a long road saving but now i am on the brink of leaving i can honestly say i havent really missed out on much staying in or going out but not drinking. you will get there and just imagine when your on a beach in the beautiful sun having a beer you wont care about jumping around like a nutter paying 5 quid a drink in your local night club


aaaah…I have a new sacrifice…well maybe lol
So I have ditched my 16 hour job at marks and spencers, I found it boring and the late nights in bars, and 5am wakeups for m&s were literally killing me. I’ve phoned in sick 3 times in 5 weeks, this morning being the latest as I woke with a migraine and unable to see a lot! good old migraines.
It’s my last week as well, it looks so so bad phoning in sick during my last week…but a day after handing in my notice I had some news from one of my other jobs.
I’ve been asked to step in and act as one of the managers of one of the bars I work at for the summer…and then they want me to enter their management training academy in the autumn! Pretty exciting stuff, however they know I want to go travelling in December, and if i’m going to be going, then there isn’t any point of doing the academy.
But…they are trying to change my mind. They won’t succeed in stopping me from going, but i’m wondering whether it’s worth me pretending I won’t go travelling, do the training scheme and then be like oh i’m off now!
It’ll be great experience and amazing on my CV.
It also depends on whether I will get paid while i’m in the academy.

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