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Whats the airport like??

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Any idea what Nairobi airport is like nowadays?? I’ve never been and I am going to be stuck there for 10 hours next Thursday! Hoping there is stuff to fill my time. Cheers!!!! 🙂


I’ve only flown in, not out so didn’t hang around in departures. But it is one of the bigge hubs in Africa and certainly the biggest in East Africa so reckon there should be a few things to keep you amused. Whether there’s enough for 10 hours though…


When I went it was kind of like a shopping centre, it felt really weird and not like an airport at all. Definitely wasn’t enough entertainment for 10 hours. Part of it did burn down last year though, or maybe all of it, I can’t remember. So it could be super amazing now, who knows?!


Yeah, I agree with the shopping centre description from my experience in 2005, except more like a crappy shopping precinct/row of shops kind of shopping centre not Trafford Centre/Lakeside etc kind of shopping centre. The air con was crap/non-existent and there wasn’t nearly enough seating for people or even enough floorspace to crash out on out of the way. When your plane is called they then feed you through into a crowded holding area with more seating but still not enough until they’re ready to board you. I hope you manage to enjoy your 10 hours, definitely have a good book or 2 with you.

Clifford Langat

The Airport is better now after a new terminal, Terminal 4, was completed and put under operation. It’s good!:-)

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