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Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever spent Christmas?

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Christmas is less than a week away (how did that happen?), and although it’s supposed to be a time to spend with family and moving as little as possible, I’m assuming that some of our more seasoned travellers will have spent a festive period or two in foreign climes.
So tell me, where is the strangest place you’ve ever spent Christmas?
I’ve actually never been abroad for Christmas Day. My sister and I once drove down to Brighton to wander along the beach, but otherwise I’m usually firmly on the sofa trying to double my body weight.


I’ve been away from home for Christmas 3 times. Twice were in Sydney, which can be described as strange since it’s warm, but otherwise is fairly similar to home. The second time I wasn’t supposed to be there but I’d missed a flight to Easter Island (another story in itself).
The third time I was in Nepal, doing the Everest Base Camp trek. We were halfway there when Christmas hit and woke up in the morning to find a thin layer on snow on the ground which had fallen overnight – still the closest I’ve ever gotten to a white Christmas.
Christmas Day we trekked from Tengboche to Dingboche and when we arrived at the teahouse for the night, Christmas decorations were being put up although we later discovered it was by the guides of the nasty group that we kept bumping in to.
Anyway, for dinner that evening we decided to treat ourselves to something that wasn’t garlic soup or lentils so we got pizza which then had a strange curry base layer! It was all good fun though and we played some card games (obviously) and treated ourselves to a late night, which was around 9.30pm!


Christmas on Easter Island sounds amazing! Shame that didn’t happen.
You could have followed it with Easter on Christmas Island too!


I once spent Christmas in Grimsby.


The furthest away from home I ever spent christmas was in Scotland. We were quite far north so we had lots of snow. It didn’t actually snow on christmas day but there was already loads on the ground. That counts as a white christmas right?!


Christmas trekking in Nepal sounds amazing. I think if I was going to do a Christmas somewhere abroad that’s the sort of thing I’d like to do. It would have to be cold for me, I’m not sure I could deal with a hot Christmas.
@Hugh Sounds grim. Fnar fnar.


I’d quite like to have a hot Christmas one year – it would be a bit different, innit?


Last year I spent Christmas Day in Lake Mahinapua on the south island of New Zealand with Kiwi Experience. I was 3 months into my RTW trip by then, opening the christmas cards that i had been carrying in my bag up to that point was really strange. This Sunday i will be having an xmas reunion with some of the people from that bus at Winter Wonderland in London. 🙂


I was in Vang Vieng for Christmas 2004 (blimey 10 years ago; it seems like only yesterday). Spent the day bobbing down the river on a tube drinking Beerlao, followed by a weird attempt at a turkey dinner in a restaurant and then everyone headed to the bars on the island for more drinks well into boxing day.
All the bars in Vang Vieng used to show continuous re-runs of Friends back then, which was really surreal. I don’t suppose they are still, so what do they show? Do they all show the same?


[quote-0 author="m.garratt" date="1419106799"]
All the bars in Vang Vieng used to show continuous re-runs of Friends back then, which was really surreal. I don't suppose they are still, so what do they show? Do they all show the same? [/quote-0]
I bet they’re still showing endless re-runs of Friends. It’s the show that never dies.
Both of those Christmas destinations – New Zealand and Vietnam – sound amazing! Far better than watching the Eastenders Christmas episode, anyway.

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