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Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever spent Christmas?

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Last month I spent a rainy afternoon watching Friends re-runs in Vang Vieng. I think there was one place showing Family Guy but it was mostly Friends everywhere!


[quote-0 author="Cormac" date="1419001544"]Christmas on Easter Island sounds amazing! Shame that didn't happen.
You could have followed it with Easter on Christmas Island too![/quote-0]
If I had a pound for everytime someone said this to me…
From my experience, I am firmly of the belief that cold Christmases are best but New Years Eve is better hot! Just a shame you have to fly such a long way to do both in one year!


Well I spent my Christmas at a Krishna Community being served curry to the backdrop of chanting…..I couldn’t feel any less festive if I tried. But it’s nice and relaxed though!


@nikki – wow, that’s different!
When I was in Mexico just some friends were taking the piss out of their friend who’d never spent a Christmas away from their parents. I had to fess up that I hadn’t either. However much I travel I know that I will always be back for Christmas Day. I just love all the traditions and seeing my friends and family. It’ll be a sad day when I finally have to be somewhere else.


I’m 30 and this is my first ever Christmas away from home – we’re in Montana which is nice and snowy and a good Christmas destination. Plus my girlfriends Dad lives here so its not lonely.
However I still sort of wish I was at home, first time in a year travelling I’ve really missed my family. Would have been awesome to go home for a month and I sort of wish I’d planned it – but oh well 🙂


[quote-0 author="Gregh87" date="1419654975"]I'm 30 and this is my first ever Christmas away from home - we're in Montana which is nice and snowy and a good Christmas destination. [/quote-0]
I’m pretty envious you had snow! I’m determined to have a white Christmas one day. I hope you enjoyed it despite being a bit homesick!


I’ve had three Christmases away from home. The first was in Bangkok, and it felt quite strange to be somewhere so hot, with very little to remind us that it was indeed Christmas Day, apart from the odd piece of tinsel / Santa decoration up in the more touristy restaurants. We ate curry (what else?!) at rickety plastic tables on the pavement, wandered around sightseeing and then hit the delightful Khao San Road in the evening for some drinks. It was my first time spending Christmas without my family, and I did feel a bit nostalgic.
The second time, I was in Boracay in the Philippines with a couple of my friends. We spent Christmas Day on the beach, although the weather was a bit stormy so rather than sunbathing we were running in and out of the massive waves hitting the shore. We had a few cocktails and then went to a fairly chilled out club on the beach, dressed in Santa hats to make things more festive.
Last year I was in Myanmar, which is probably my most unusual Christmas destination. As we were in the midst of travelling, my friend and I decided to postpone Christmas until Boxing Day, when we were in Yangon and went for a rather refined afternoon tea at The Strand, the city’s most famous colonial hotel. On Christmas Day itself, we took a battered wooden boat up the river from Mawlalmyine to Hpa-An, where we then hired a rickshaw driver to take us on a bumpy and dusty ride around the beautiful surrounding countryside, stopping off at a number of caves and temples along the way.
This year, I spent Christmas Day eating chocolate on the sofa whilst staring aimlessly at the TV … I think I should aim for somewhere a bit more exciting once again next year!


I think I’ve been away from home five or six times all in different places. The one that crops to mind though is getting stranded in a jungle lodge in Borneo due to torrential rain flooding the roads. Luckily for me, I had stocked up on gin, vodka, chocolate and mixers for such a scenario. I shared it out amongst the staff and guests and watched the rain fall on what little forest there is left in Borneo.

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