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Winter Sales???

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Hey girls, I figured this would be the best place to post this question.
I’ll be arriving in your very cold country in February and, obviously, will be needing the sort of warm clothing that I, being from country Australia, have never really had to buy before. I was just wondering if you guys have big end of season sales (at the end of winter) like we do here; and if so, how much can a savvy shopper expect to save? I’m in dire need of a cute yet totally warm wollen coat/jacket and perhaps a pair of boots…Needless to say, there is no way I’m going to find such things here at the mo’ as we are just heading into another scorching summer and it’s all shorts and bikinis and thongs (the footwear variety)!
Any held/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hey! First of all…why come to cold Blighty when you got lovely sunshine where you are?? Just kidding, I’m suffering from not enough sunshine!!! We have sales mainly straight after Christmas, but most stores will continue having random sales throughout the year…you can find anything if you look hard enough. Depending on what your budget is, my best advice is to head for Oxford Street in London and you’ll find pretty much everything – biggest TopShop in England, lots of chain stores etc. Alternatively somewhere like Camden does more individual stuff cheaply – England is full of shops! Good luck, and enjoy your stay! If you’re travelling around England, can I def recommend visiting Cornwall in the very south…lots of fields, beaches and ye olde country pubs! 😀
Catherine x


Yep – London is great for shopping and the winter sales tend to be the best sales of the year! …you might have trouble finding a coat if you leave sale shopping late..starts boxing day..as in if you are a really small size or something for example. But you should be able to find something! Loads of department stores, high street stores etc – and with the sales on you can even get 75% off!

Quick note with camden town – nice place, very trendy – be careful of the shopkeepers – they’ll rip you off given half the chance, other than you can often pick up inexpensive one off designs from new designers (behind the market, semi-indoors place … you’ll find it!)

Welcome to cold, cold England!

P.S I also recommend wearing a hat – keeps the warmth in!


January winter sales have started already 😀 and its not even xmas yet 8)


But the proper sales (bigger discounts!) don’t start til boxing day…which now has already passed! 😛


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