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Working Holiday Club – experiences?

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I was planning on going with TWHC at the end of this year but after reading all the horrible reviews i was put off completely and the thought of going to London on my own with no job or experience or place to stay..just isn’t an option for me as i suffer with anxiety (heck i was even anxious about going with twhc) i just wanted to say thankyou…i may just reconsider now. 🙂


I have no experience with TWHC and the UK program, as I went to Canada with them for my working holiday. Would caution against working at any of the resorts on the west coast besides Whistler. I worked at Grouse Mountain, and there was no staff housing available, when they had advertised that housing was included. Was only once we had the Skype interview did they inform us that staff housing wasn’t an option, and at that point we had already booked flights and paid for our visas. Housing and rental prices around Vancouver are crazy-inflated and the price to rent even a basement suite while earning minimum wage is just not viable. When you confront TWHC about these issues, they will tell you it’s about the ‘experience’. Not much of an experience when you’re working long hours and still facing homelessness. A lot of people in our group ended up leaving to travel, which in hindsight I wish I had done as it would be a lot cheaper and you would see more parts of Canada. For the amount you pay TWHC as well, it’s really quite simple to apply to these resorts yourself, and as for visa and banking advice, you can easily find all the info you need on the internet.

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