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Zanzibar Accommodation

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Hi, does anyone have any good suggestions for where to stay on Zanzibar? My friend and I will be there for 3 nights following our Kilimanjaro climb so we’d like somewhere to chill out that isn’t too pricey. We are not even too sure which area of the island to stay on.


I stayed in Nungwi with my overland company and it was fantastic. The beach is gorgeous and there are loads of bars and places to hang out. I seem to recall there was also loads of cheap accommodation but we had it sorted for us so I’m not sure. I didn’t see other beaches so can’t compare, but I certainly loved Nungwi.


I’ve just been looking myself for accomm there and these were my two faves:
Kwenda Rocks in on the northern tip, close to Nungwe – the north has the best diving/snorkeling and there are lots of bars/restos there. Spice plantations are en route and wld be interesting to take in on the way.
Teddys Place in Paje is on the east coast. Its a much more laid back area with idyllic looking beaches however thev shallow gradient of the shoreline means swimming can be tricky, especially at low tide.
Both hostels offer dorm accomm in tandas, little huts made of palm leaves and wood with sandy floors, but Kwenda rocks also has some upgraded rooms. Their tandas cannot be pre-booked between oct-dec tho, as it is busy season. They also both seem pretty lively with weekly events etc
Both areas also have dive schools nearby.
I for one have chosen to stay for 6 nights at teddys, as i’m then joining a tour which will take me to the north for 2 nights and i wanna see both aspects of the island. 3 months to go…I seriously cannot wait!!
hope this helps 🙂


I spent two weeks on Zanzibar at the start of May – it was incredible so jelous. Nungwi as M.garratt said is busy, nightlife but really lacks a big beach at high tide – or any beach! Personally I would recommend Kendwa – we stayed in La Palm de …. (something) and found it when we got there. It was $12 a night, right on the beach, chilled out and no-one around. You could swim all day everyday (regardless of tides). There a few resturants but you can also get the place above to arrange a fish supper – they do like tuna fish with rice/chips for around 2-3 pounds a head, it was our nicest and cheapest meal there. Have fun anyway, and im not sure but others who went to the east didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as we did in the North. Stone town is also worth a few days if you have time – Prision Island and just wandering!
Good luck with Kilimanajaro too.

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