How to word a career break letter?

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How to word a career break letter?


I have to hand in my career-break letter next week but I have no idea how to word it! Can anyone help me?


hello…just applied for my career break. not sure if yours will need to be the same as mine, but basically you need to sell yourself. firsty, why do you want the career break? number 2, what do u think you will get out of a career break? then, how do u think ur employers will benefit? and why do u want to return that job?
its all basically a bit of arse lickin and sayin the right things…but ill find out if i did that when i find out if mine is accepted or not! :D


If mine isn’t accepted - tough! I am still leaving, lol.


Me to! and the sooner the better!


Well…ignore my advice, my career break got turned down today!  :evil:
well annoyed, but hey, what can you do?! I’m still leaving! woo!

YES was granted my 6 months career gap last week,also they will secure my job for when i return,i was expecting them to say no or to offer me a crap job upon my return.i was over the moon cos i was going to go anyway,ha happy days….if there is anyone out there who is worried about asking employers go straight to your HR dept first cos there is actually some sort of law now where your company has to support your career gap,especially if you work for an american based company there really big on gap years…[/list]      
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[quote=“cyberstace”]there is actually some sort of law now where your company has to support your career gap,especially if you work for an american based company there really big on gap years…

What law is that?  If you’re a good employee and a valuable asset then they won’t want to loose you but I don’t think they have any need to.  The problem is the more valuable you are, the harder it will be for them to cope without you for the time you’re away, but the less valuable you are the less need there is for them to keep you in the first place.  As for Americans being big on gapyears, I haven’t seen it.  There’s very few US backpackers and those you meet say they are doing something very unsual and unrecognised.  They said most US employers do not recognise a gapyear as a good thing.  And one of those worked at Harvard so deals with a lot of students.  Most people in the US only get 2 weeks holiday, no wonder most of them don’t even have a passport.

just speaking from experience! my and my partners company both are american based, and could not have asked for more support.they are now actually encouraging us to do it. LOL      
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I’ve applied for a career break too. I’ve been with the company for 5 years this August. I had a meeting with my managers to discuss my options and was originally asking for June but after some negotiation I decided to leave ealry so as to get back in time for a project they want me involved in.

I’ve still to get an official Yes but I re-drafted my letter saying that I plan to return to London to settle down and guaranteed that I would work for them for at least another year which apparently helps. Waiting to gte my answer now so will see how it goes…

(although like everyone else I’m going regardless…wink  :D