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Free Volunteer Work??

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Hi there

I really want to do some volunteer work when im away but all the sites i look at you have to pay loads to do this. does anyone know any websites i should try so i can go and volunteer and not have to pay loads for.

if anyone else has any tips of where to go or what to do i will be very grateful.

hope you can help

Im overlanding from Singapore to Laos going thru Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam along the way and then im traveling around South Africa


hey i spent a month in Vietnam with Global Volunteers Network, which were pretty reasonable on price and really friendly and well organised is the website i think or jut google it.  it included all food and water, great accommodation, transport between placement and accommodation (we just had bikes which was an experience in itself) and transport at the beginning and end of placement.  they are a non profit organisation which is i think why they had an acceptable price and they have different placements all over the place.


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These sites list free volunteering programs worldwide: (South & Central America only)


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Thanks alot for your help


Churches usually have free volunteer programs, and even pay a stipend.  A really good one is Brethren Volunteer Service, or BVS.

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Have th e bvs got their own website and how do you get invoilved with them


by chance I came across that church volunteer site

I don’t know anything about them though. So good luck!


I did a similar route to you late last year.

In Phnom Penh in Cambodia theres a guest house called ‘Same Same but Different’- When you get off the boat from Siem Reap you will be surrounded by touts trying to get you to stay at their guest house- same same will be there- now, I wouldn’t go with them again- very nice people etc, but the guest house NEXT DOOR to same same is fantastic. They’re both on the Tonle Sap, and the better of the two has a boat built onto their terrace that you can chill out on- foor in Cambodia takes an age to arrive but tastes great!

Anyway, when you’re in Phnom Penh, there’s an orphanage. All the kids there have been orphaned as a result of AIDS. You can go and play with the kids, and just entertain them, help them learn a few new English words, and basically help them have fun.

We did this for a few days before we had to move to our next destination, but it was absolutely amazing!

The orphanage is called ‘rainbow’ something….just ask your motorbike driver, he wil know where it is!


You can get a free gap year anywhere in europe courtessy of the EU who will provide you with funding for food, accomodation, insurance, training / language course &  a small stiped for personal spending. TFG is one of the largest organisations in the UK that can apply for this funding for you, and link you with projects in Europe, you can either contact them through me, or check out their web-site:
They also have inexpensive oportuntiies in Russia, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Kenya from as little as £975. In addition to loads of UK based oportunities.

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Note: the information I previously posted is outdated


I am also looking for some vaulenteer work but can not seem to find any that i dont have to pay for?

Did you find any good sites??
Sammi x


One thing I would say about volunteering for free is that you can’t be sure that the program you work with will be sustained all year round, and what is the point of putting all your hard work in for a few months for it all to fall apart the minute you leave. Also in terms of how it might effect you personally, by not investing in a good organisation you rarely get any support when you are overseas and the project can in my experience be totally disorganised! I’ve don’e various volunteering programs and I can honestly say that the best was some work that I did in Africa with Quest Overseas, who gave half nearly half my fee directly to the charity I worked with and gave me the support I needed while out there, ie had fully trained leaders, accomodation and food and additional weekend activities included and pre departure training to prepare me for what was to come.

A fantastic organisation who you can be sure are doing more good than bad and are actually dedicated to helping these places and not just out to make a massive profit like most “volunteering” organisations. Be warned! Do your research!



hi i am intrested in volunteering please could you tell me more about the project and what it involves

Thank you

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This is in Ecuador, and it’s not free, but it is very, very cheap. I can also vouch for the fact that it’s an amazing experience, as i’ve worked there.


One idea is to look at this organisation Link Ethiopia.

They an educational links charity with a gap scheme on the side so they only charge basic expenses so I think the a three month teaching placement is only about £850 for everything inc flights, accomodation, visa etc

Look at

Hope that helps they are meant to be really good and really get invovled in the whole process and someone even visits you when your out there!