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Australia 2017

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I’m looking for a fun travel mate for Australia in 2017, I’m Mexican so you’ll have to be patient with me and my accent, lol.  I’m planning maybe in the summer, I’ll be nineteen by then.
I expect us to get along well and have a fun time.
Message me if u have any questions
Good vibes,
Samantha smile

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hey Sam check out this post on Australia, I really think it will help you!

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Hi Samantha

I’ll be in Australia in Jan 2017 for 3-4 weeks, plans yet to be decided. Should be in mexico myself as well around july 2017

lots of people will be in australia though so its a nice place to visit and meet fellow travellers


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Hi! Im Nadja and after im done with highschool in spring 2017 i want to do a gap year and also travel to australia (: ill be 18 by then and would love to have some new adventures! One of my best friends is actually mexican so I speak spanish almost fluently by now! message me if you’d be interested in travelling with me (:

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When will you arrive? I’m hopefully going to be in Australia in December/January. I’ll be traveling by myself and would like to meet friends in the same situation, I’m 23 from England.

Find me on Facebook if I don’t reply on here @haydendoran