I’m completely clueless&travel; mates for Oz.

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I’m completely clueless&travel; mates for Oz.

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Im planning on going on a trip in mid/late 2017, but i have no clue on how to go about doing so, i also have 0 idea on where to start looking for such a huge step in my life, i’m extremely determined to make it, and i want everything to be perfect before committing. I am also looking for travel mates to help me, and so none of us are alone.

Im 18 and plan on going Australia, anyone know anything that may help me.
Thank you.

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hey, did you end booking/going? I’m in a very similar position but heading to oz on 14th feb for two months - flights booked already. If that happens to be around the time period you’re going (if still planning on visiting Australia) would be happy to chat smile