Working holiday new zealand

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Working holiday new zealand

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So my other half and I are considering a working holiday in new zealand starting around the end of this year. We plan to stay there 6-12 months and then travel south east asia. We are also likely to visit Australia. So far nothing is booked and i wanted some advice on what to do first book flights or get a visa? I have medical issues so i am concerned my visa might take longer but i don’t want to book flights to late.

I also wondered what experiences people had in finding work and somewhere to live in nz. I am concerned this may be difficult and obviously don’t want us to both leave our jobs and go across the world to not find work. We will have some savings but not anything extravagant which is part the reason we want to work abroad. I am aware that you need to prove you have funds for a return flight or a flight onwards but have also seen it stated that you need sufficient funds to support yourself while your there. Sounds silly but do you need both? Does anyone know roughly how much this is in GBP? If you’ve been how much did you start out with?

Any other tips welcome. Looking to stay in a hostel to begin with then find a room or something somewhere. As a couple would like a bit of the hostel experience but not long term.

Thanks all in advance!! grin

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me and my ex travelled and worked round NZ a couple years back.

we both had a couple grand each on entering new zealand. we both also found work really easily

i would say get your visa sorted and then book your flights as it would be a disaster to book and then the visa not be granted

as regards to money you need to enter the country i think it was like a couple thousand nz dollars a simple search will tell you the exact amount i think that is all you need but we never got asked for proof of money on entering.

good luck with your trip any questions just ask xx


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Hi Rhi.
Wondering if you went ahead with this and how you got on.
Myself and possibly partner are looking to do something similar but caught between travelling toward NZ and visitiing places along the way or coming straight to NZ for a winter season around June before working our way back to the UK and exploring on the way home. Be great to hear your experiences