Central & South America Nov 2016

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Central & South America Nov 2016

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Hi smile

I’m looking to travel south america for 4 months (flexible) from late November, then fly out to New Zealand on a working visa smile Looking for people to travel south america with smile



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Hi there,
Very new to this website, but browsing through and your trip sounds ideal! I had been planning on doing just new zealand for the past few years (this trip has been a long time coming) but recently started considering South/Central America too.

What sort of things would you be planning? Temples or beaches or a mixture of all? LOL

May I also ask what your plans for New Zealand are? (know you’re looking at a buddy just from SA but looking for ideas - especially regarding working visa)

Anyway, look forward to hearing from you.gringrin

Kim x


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Hey I’m planning a trip to Central America and I really want someone to go with because my travel partner can’t come anymore , if you’re still looking for someone to go with, email me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)