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Flip flops

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Random question - what are good womens flip flops? I live in them from around now until October, and all the time travelling, but I usually get a pair from Primark that last a few weeks, and repeat!
I know of Havianas, but they’re around £20 a pair, and I’ve heard of them only lasting a couple of months.
My best flip flops were from a Ugandan market, made in Thailand, for
£1 that lasted for 18months, including 2 backpacking trips and living in Aus, so a lot of use!!
Any recommendations greatly recieved smile


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I have finally caved and got some Havaianas (got them in Brazil so fortunately they weren’t that expensive). I used to use ones from accessorize which actually lasted quite a while and were very comfy, but somewhat impractical as they couldn’t be worn in the rain (they had that woven grass stuff on them). My all time best pair of flip flops was a pair made by reef, which lasted about 10 years worth of holidays and were the most comfortable ones ever, but they weren’t particularly stylish.

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Absolutely definitely Havaianas. Yeah, they’re £20 but they last so much better than others and are so much comfier. I’ve never had a pair of Havaianas I didn’t like. And really, £20 isn’t that much for a pair of flip flops you’ll wear all the time and every day.

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I got a North Face pair. Can’t remember how much they cost but they’ve got very good grip on them and really last.

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Big shout out for the Havaianas flip flops too… cool smile