Gap year in Nigeria, Africa 2016!

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Gap year in Nigeria, Africa 2016! 


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Every year, we host many teenage females from ages 16-19. We have hosted students from São Paulo, Canada, Yonkers, Newark and even Venice!
See my family is passionate about volunteering and education but we’re aware of the extremely expensive programs available to international student. We found one program that was taking people to only five places on our street for $7,000 per month. Outrageous!

We’re offering the following excluding flight for only $4000 per month

1. Volunteering opportunities at orphanages, Makoko(Google it), churches, security outfits, environmental sanitation outfits, prisons, schools, psychiatric hospitals and regular hospitals.
2. Three meals a day and a night cap. Meals can be homemade delicacies or from the numerous fast food joints e.g. Johnny Rockets, KFC(her favorite), Cold Stone, Mozilla’s, Debonair’s, Dominoes, and Chinese restaurants!
3. Comfortable accommodation with bedside tables, Air conditioners, Nebulizers, Standby generators, CabledTelevision set
4. One month summer coaching for you at a good school year OR one month teaching at a school here.
5. Language lessons available.
6. Excursions to the beach, swimming poool, 5D and 7D cinema which is on my street, Normal cinema, Zoos, Conservation center, Springs, Mountains, Obudu cattle ranch and the Yankari game reserve.
7. If you’re interested in spending over a year, I will enroll you at an IB accredited program or a postsecondary
Diploma at a relatively cheap price.
8. Trips to Ghana and/or other countries available at a small fee.
9. Extremely hygienic water - Cway

So you see? It’s not just volunteering, it’s fun! I hope I get replies. If you’re sure you’re interested, private message me. I would have to give all of you a form to fill after which I shall select at most 5.

Mum would also require your parents’ permission via Skype.

I live in a residential estate guarded by 6 private security men and 2 policemen so you’ll definitely be in safe hands.
1 month - over a year is great!
To the boys, I’m sorry maybe next year?
Hope to get replies!