Southeast Asia adventure-October 2016

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Southeast Asia adventure-October 2016

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I am a 24 (soon to be 25) year old girl from Essex/London in the UK and am planning a big adventure! I have always wanted to travel Southeast Asia, and as my contracted job finishes in August, I now have the time to go! Due to family commitments , I cannot leave until October, so I am looking to travel for around 6 months from October 2016-April/May 2017. I have no set plans yet, but have looked into it a bit and put together a draft route which seems like a logical route to take (at least on a map it does!).-Bali/Lombok-Malaysia-Thai Islands-Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Cambodia-South Vietnam-Central Vietnam-North Vietnam. (Obviously, I’m more than open to other stops/destinations!).

I really don’t want to travel alone, as not only is it daunting, but it’s also much more fun to share the experiences with friends! I am Looking for a travel buddy or even to set up a little group of travel buddies. It would be great to meet a travel buddy from the UK or nearby so we could travel there together, but I’m also open to meeting people out there who are already travelling.

I’m really sociable, laid back and friendly and I really want to do touristy/cultural things but also would like to spend some time at the beaches, particularly on the Thai Islands. As I will be travelling over December, I would like to experience NYE in Thailand. I guess I’d be looking at staying in a mix of hostels and hotels. In most places I would be happy with hostels, but in the some beach area’s I guess it would be nice to at least have a little pool to cool off in!
Anyway, if you have similar travel idea’s, and think I could be a good travel buddy, get in touch and we can talk more over Facebook or something!

Fingers crossed smile

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Sounds really interesting. I have been to Thailand before but only for a few day so exploring it more would be fun, and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of luxury by the beach! I’d often thought about taking the train from Northern Vietnam to China to see a few of the historic sights as well. Would be good to get in touch, I’m from London too


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Hello, I am going back to Thailand and Vietnam on a one way ticket to help at some of the backpackers hostels and bars for the locals that I met out there last year. I love south east Asia and if anyone wants tips or advice or even wants to meet for a drink from September onwards, I will be out there for a long while.  Just follow or message me. smile happy travels.