How many pairs of shoes do you take travelling?

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How many pairs of shoes do you take travelling?

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When you’re travelling long term how much foot wear do you take? I never really know how much to put in my bag. Obviously I have flip flops and then I usually include some sneakers, but then do you take anything else, like proper shoes or anything? cool grin

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No one can answer that question but you. Think about what you think you are going to be doing I.e. trekking or an activity where you may require different shoes then make a decision from there

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Ha, I’ll probably end up with about 10. My sister said she took loads but then just ended up chucking them all away and living in her flip flops. Guess you can always buy more when you travel, or throw as you go. Or possibly better, donate. raspberry

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I reckon just flip flops and walking boots but I guess it depends where you’re going to. Different places will be different weathers and different terrain so you might need a variety. Thing is though, you can just buy it when you’re there unless you’re going somewhere totally random.

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I take flip flops and walking shoes, unless I specifically know I’ll need walking boots. My first RTW I took “nice shoes” but never wore them.

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Personally I take 2 pairs, some flip flops and a pair of decent walking shoes.

I walk any distance under 20km to save money so walking shoes are a must for me smile

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I would always take flip flops, walking shoes, and walking sandals. Usually does me just fine smile

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It mostly depends on you. What you’re doing, where you’re going and what the climate/weather will be like.
I went travelling for 14 months around Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. The entire trip I had 3/4 pairs of shoes. 1 pair of gladiator sandals that I could wear during the day or if I was going out in the evenings, 1 pair of trainers/light walking boots, 1 pair of old converse I wore if the weather was a little colder and 1 pair of flip flops that I got from the 99p store and threw away if they broke or weren’t needed.

Those 3/4 were perfect for the whole 14 months. Didn’t really feel like I needed more or less than that.

I met some people who were travelling with heaps of shoes including heels and formal shoes but they’d only ever worn them once in their trip. Make sure whatever you take you’re sure you’ll use regularly.
Hope it helps!