EUROPE - from July - preferably more than a month

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EUROPE - from July - preferably more than a month


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Hi people,

I’m a Belgian guy in my early twenties, and I am looking for someone to join me (male/female, doesn’t matter) on a trip through one or more countries in Europe, preferably for several months.

About me: I’m laidback, very flexibel as to where to go and what to do, like outdoors/nature, always in for a beer, and like to have a good conversation with new people.

I have no plans yet and I’m open for anything. The only condition I have is that it is low budget! smile

Just some ideas I have:
- transport: walking and hitchhiking. Since I am not in a rush, this severely cuts down the costs + you meet locals, easier for accomodation, tips for places to visit…
- sleeping: willing to bring a tent, sleep in hostels, couch surfing, etc. Possibly we could stay somewhere for a longer period of time and be housesitters (there are some sites where you can register, mostly this is for several weeks)
- I wouldn’t mind doing a bit of work for people in return for e.g. accomodation. This way you also learn about other cultures.
- ...

So, if you want to travel to one or more countries in Europe for at least 3-4 weeks or you have already made plans but you don’t have a travelpartner yet, don’t hesitate and message me and we might travel together!