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UK Road Trip!


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I’m James. I’m 22 and living in London. I’m an English Teacher and filmmaker and looking for someone (male or female) to go on a bit of a road-trip type thing across the UK at some point in July-August. I want to explore, take loads of photos, have a great week and memorable adventure. I don’t drink at all so it wouldn’t be that type of trip. I wouldn’t mind driving, but am also okay with public transport. I’d be looking at Air BnB/camping/hostels. I don’t mind in the UK where the trip would take, but I do want to try and go near some great scenery (waterfalls, mountains, lakes etc…wink

If you are interested in coming along, let me know!

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Hey James,

This sounds great, have you collected a group yet?


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Hey James,  rachael 20, not a driver but would love to do a tour of the UK. Live in Northern Ireland and am open to travel all over smile

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Hey, how’s it going? Have you managed to find a group? I don’t drive but sounds pretty good to me smile