Australia July 2016! Farm work?!

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Australia July 2016! Farm work?!

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Hi guys

I’m off to Oz on the 8th of July, I’ve already travelled the east coast over Christmas, and now I’m coming back to work!!

Has anyone thought about doing farming work to get 2nd year visa around this time?
Or does anyone have any advice? I have no idea how to go about it, and the thought of turning up to a big ol farm on my own is preeeety scary!!

Any help is welcome!!

Thank you!!


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The easiest way to get work is to look online for a working hostel in the area you want to visit and book a couple of weeks of accommodation. When you get there the people running the hostel will help you find work, local farmers often put notices up on boards in working hostels that they are looking for staff, all you need to do most of the time is give them a call or ask the hostel to give them a call and you’re sorted.

Depending on what hostel you stay at, some will provide transport to and from the farms as well.


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Hi Laura,

I’m going solo travelling in Australia in May and looking at doing my farm work around July!!! In the same situation as a female traveller going to a farm on my own does worry me abit! Where are you planning on going first? Definitely up for potentially going together!

Hope you have a good trip!!!