Should I hit up OZ alone?

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Should I hit up OZ alone?


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Im at a dead end in life. I went to uni and got my degree. I then done a bit travelling round europe and then Thailand.

I came home and have struggled to find any or decent work at all despite my degree.

Im now 33 and no plans at all.  Im not some old fart though i still look fresh and young like typical college guy as ive always been into health and fitness, most often people assume im about 23.

I was just thinking maybe to save up 5k or something from these crappy jobs then fly over to Sydney and take it from there.  On a one year visa. Is it easy to find work and meet people. ANyone done this kinda thing and how did it work out?

If it doesnt work out I can just fly home I guess and nothing lost.

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I’d definitely recommend going to Oz alone. I spent 11 months there alone and had an absolute blast
You’ll have to look more into the visas because I’m pretty sure there’s an age restriction on working holiday visas if that’s what you’re thinking of but there are other options.
It’s so easy to meet people it’s ridiculous. I stayed in a hostel in sydney central and by the end of my first day there I had heaps of new friends and already had plans to travel up the east coast with them so it’s no problem at all.
Jobs are plentiful although some can be quite competitive because of the sheer number of backpackers out there. I have a friend who went out there at 29 on a working holiday visa and ended up getting sponsored as a personal trainer and he’s now getting his residency visa to stay there permanently. There are a fair few jobs in health and fitness as long as you are willing to relocate anywhere in Oz.