Interrail this August/September (2016)

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Interrail this August/September (2016)

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I’m looking to travel around Europe by train this summer and would love someone/a group of people to do it with!

I turn 20 in May and haven’t left England since I solo traveled to Madrid in February 2015!

I’d probably steer more towards hostels and night trains than hotels, but I’m not tied down to any route yet so it might be a spontaneous trip of finding somewhere to sleep the same day!

I’m open to any route and up for pretty much anything, drop me a message if you’re interested! Or contact me on Twitter (@charliwinstone) as I’ll probably forget to check here a lot!

Look forward to hearing from you,



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This post has been deleted.

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alright charlie mate im going travelling starting in august 18th 2016 until the 8 of September starting in Paris would love to share the experience with someone.

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Hey guys,

I’m planning on doing a few short weeks to continental Europe(think Berlin, Amsterdam, Budapest, Austria, Slovenia, Poland etc) around late July/August time. Would be great to meet up/leave with a few people to travel with. grin

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Hey guys,
i’m planning on doing an interrail in europe! I will start in 8 August from Italy!


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I’m travelling from sept 1- sept 22
I’m thinking Italy Spain Netherlands Germany
Then Croatia, the Balkans, etc

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Hi all,

I have 3 weeks holidays that I need to use from work in August.

I would love to go interrailing with a group or a buddy.

The last few places I’ve travelled to are Rwanda, Macedonia, Copenhagen, Venice and Amsterdam. So I have some interesting stories.

My ideal trip would include Berlin, Prague and Budapest. I’m pretty flexible with dates and destinations but would love to book this as soon as possible. I live in London so would fly from here.

Let me know if you’re interested.


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Hey guys, I’m in Rome from the 16th of August alone because my buddy dropped out last minute :( would love to meet up backpacking with fellow travellers.