Europe Summer 2016 (May + June)

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Europe Summer 2016 (May + June)

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My friend and I were planning to backpack through Western and Central Europe this summer, flying in to London and flying out of Paris. She unexpectedly bailed on me, but I’m still hoping to go (non-refundable tickets). I haven’t really done a trip like this before, and I’m nervous about traveling alone. If there is anyone on this site in the same boat, shoot me a message or just reply in this thread!

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Hi, I’m looking to interrailing too this summer, I fancied starting off in Paris/ Barcelona or Rome ... All quite different as I haven’t done much planning yet! I was hoping to leave England around the last week of May, when are you flying off/ where are you starting? Let me know if you’d like to meet up!

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Hi, I’m a 20yr old student from India. I’m planning to do something I haven’t done before, and this sounds pretty much like. I will be finished my sophomore year in mid May and I’m totally up for this trip. If I interest you, please contact me.

P. S. I’m new to this website so Im sure how to directly contact you.