Thailand & Australia 2016

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Thailand & Australia 2016

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Good afternoon fellow travellers!

New to this website so you may have to bare with me.

I leave england in September and head to Thailand for 1 month. I am starting off in Bangkok and heading up to Chiang Mai after that. I also hope to head south to Koh Phi Phi and also Koh Phangan for the full moon party. I have been searching for top tips where to stay, where to visit and where to avoid but there is soooo much on the web! If anyone has any sort of advice or guidance, i will be very accepting.

I then leave Thailand for Australia early October and fly into Sydney. I am very aprehensive as i have my 1 year working holiday visa out there. I am slightly worried about not being able to find employment for a while. Is this something to worry about? Also, is there anything else i need to organise/purchase before i head to Australia? I currently have my visa but any advice that will make life easier out there would be appreciated!

I look forward to hearing from you all smile


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Hello, Hannah!

So this is my first post (let alone reply) on this website before as I too am doing Thailand & Australia this year, whoop!
I am leaving quite a bit sooner in the year though (in 16 days to be precise) and I’m still feeling rather clueless but I exclpect that as this will be my first independent travels.

I’m also doing Chiang Mai and I’m doing voluntary work at the elephant sanctuary there. I’ve heard of a lovely hostel in Chaing Mai named “the living place” which is run by an old couple who ,from what I hear, are lovely and fluent in English!

What I’ll probably do is I will probably do is try and answer as many questions on this forum when I am actually over there in Thailand to give you some help/advice. Same with Australia if necessary..although I do hear Bagpackers are usually quite fortunate finding employment so let’s hope that happens for us!

Look up an ” RSA” license though!
This reply may be quite pointless but hopefully in the next coming weeks I can help you out!

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Don’t worry about finding work in Aus, depending on what you want to do it’s pretty easy to find work.

If you do 3 months of farm work you can extend your visa for an extra year, it’s probably worth starting out with farm work just to get the 3 months done, it also gives you 3 months to find work doing what you actually want to do, finding farm work is super easy if you head to a working hostel. (Or so I’m told)

Before you go make sure you apply for an Australia Tax File Number, if you don’t have one you will get stung by huge taxes (I think it’s about 50%)

You’re also required to have AUS$5,000 in the bank when you enter, although based on my research and talking to people who have been to Aus on WHV, it’s very rare this actually gets checked, but worth knowing about just in case!

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I am going to be in Thailand in August. How do you like it so far?? Im super stoked cant wait!!

If your still there we should link up..

Have FUN!!  vampirevampire