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I’m a mobile app developer and I was hoping to get some information from some traveller’s or people living abroad so hopefully I’m in the right place.

I’m in the process of developing an application specifically for travellers where fellow travellers can connect and share pictures/videos about their travels. Other users will be able to select certain areas in the world and see pictures/videos about each place. Users will also be able to write information about each picture/video such as recommending where to stay, eat and what things are there to do?

My questions are:

Do you use social media sites such as Facebook/Instragram to connect and share your travel pictures or videos?

Would an app informing and showing you about certain places in the world (accommodation, things to do, where to eat) with the social aspect of Instagram for example be useful?

Would you use an app where you can connect specifically to backpackers/travellers to share information and chat?

Thank you,

Matthew McCormack