2 car spaces; Roadtrip Iceland 6-15 June

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2 car spaces; Roadtrip Iceland 6-15 June

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Hi all,

We’re Lotte (23) and Sanne (22) from the Netherlands and were planning to drive the ring road from 6 - 15 june. We are looking for two other young adventurous backpackers to share a car (€125pp+fuel), with at least one of them who is also able to drive.

We will acomodate ourselfs by our own tent to keep it on a low budget, in Iceland you’re free to camp anywere most of the time. If you’re interested, please send us a message for further information.

Looking forward hearing from you!

Lotte & Sanne

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Hi guys. I’m a 20yr old student from India. I’m planning to visit Iceland this summer. This trip sounds like fun and I’m interested. I have an Indian driving license but i’m not sure if I can get an international permit to drive in Iceland. Overlooking the drawbacks, I’m a very adventurous person and I think I’m young too :p. If I interest you, drop in a text with the details of the trip. Do mention the overall budget too.