Finding travel buddies Australia august-onwards

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Finding travel buddies Australia august-onwards  

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hi I’m Ben 27 looking to go Australia around august flexible with dates travelling alone first time, anyone with same plans who needs a buddy?

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Hey, Im planning on heading over in September/October smile Haven’t a plan yet but heading on my own and hopefully to the East Coast.
22 and from Ireland btw. What is your plan?


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I’m travelling Australia from 2nd July - 10th September. Will be starting at Melbourne and heading up the East Coast to Cairns. Am travelling alone but will be nice to know some others who are also out in Australia at the same time!

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Hey I’m already in Sydney I’ve been here 2 months just saving money to travel the east coast! It would be cool to travel with someone smile

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Going to Sydney may/june, looking for travel buddies to share this experience with

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hey, planning on going from Sydney to cairns sometime from August onwards, not too sure when yet though! My first time travelling and would love someone to share the trip, or part of it with!