Australia travel buddy wanted, leaving later this year

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Australia travel buddy wanted, leaving later this year

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Hi All
I’m looking for a Travel Buddy to go to Australia with and start the working holiday visa. Happy to stop by other countries first such as Vietnam or Indonesia, or not! I’d like to depart October/ November.
Looking forward to hearing from you x

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Hey, your plans sound very similar to mine. I am planning on starting off in Southeast Asia and then eventually moving on to Australia to work for a year.
I want to hit as many countries as I can before heading off to Australia. (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia etc..)
I’m also thinking of leaving late October or early November.
If you wanna discuss plans shoot me a message or just reply here. Look forward to talking with you smile


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I am planning to visit Australia in November for 2-3 weeks but have not started planning yet. I am from Singapore. If you do have any plans to visit Singapore before that let me know, I could bring you aroundgrin

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Hey! I’m vikki, I’m already here in Sydney I’ve been here 2 months I’m just working and saving money to travel up the east coast! Would be cool to travel with someone smile

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I am also planning for going to Australia in the month October. Are your plans travelling and exploring from the start or are you going to work the first months so you don’t have to worry about money later?

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I have some of the same plans actually! I’m in Australia now at Broadbeach Gold coast and are also looking for someone to see Australia with at the start of November. I want too go see all the things you should see in Australia before you head home, and visit Sydney, Melbourne, Byron bay and so on.
I’m open to ideas as this is my first time traveling alone cheese