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Hey, names Ryan and I’m 25 from Derbyshire. Since finishing school I have always wanted to travel but due to the pressures put on when your 16 I went to college etc and became an accountant. For all of these years I have never been happy within my job to the point that I even started doing mechanical engineering at night college.

Anyway its time to stop listening to the “you need a job pressure” and to start wiping my own arse, so this is where it begins. I have been on many holidays but it just doesn’t scratch the itch like I want it to. Due to my hobbies being working on and racing cars my first trip will be the Mongol Rally next year which I will be handing in my notice at work in May. I have already been and bought a crappy £200 car and will be looking for people to join me and looking at advice on here smile

So excited haha cool grin