Two Travellers going to Sydney

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Two Travellers going to Sydney


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Hey guys,

Me and my friend literally just decided yesterday to buy a plane ticket to Sydney and wing it from there. We have already decided were doing the East Coast using the Greyhound and are going to stop to visit friends on the way.

Were definitely going for atleast a month, so are decided to take take around 6000 AUS dollars for that period each, We aiming hopefully to get a few free nights accommodation with friends…(Unlikely, haha).

Anyway, were just wondering what you guys think of that budget? and if anyone had any ideas or tips for us along the way.

Also, we’ve never done anything quite as off the cuff as this before and would be interested to meet some other like minded people? Is there anyone in Sydney as of next Wednesday that wants two travel companions for a while? Even if its just to meet up. We think the more the merrier!LOL

Thanks in Advance,