South America/Europe/Asia 2017

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South America/Europe/Asia 2017

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Hey guys,

Okay so I am a lover of travelling and I wanna do as many bucket lists things as I can and one of those is seeing as much of the world as I possibly can. Using the twenties to their good use.
So 2017 I would love to travel the clean sweep of Europe and venture around as many cities, exploring new countries and getting involved in as much as I can.
A second idea was South America so Peru, buenos Aires, Brazil etc! Doing 3-6 months travelling around seeing all the different cities and learning a lot about the culture on that side.
And the third idea is Asia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Japan. I want to try it all out get a taste of their lifestyles and explore around.

So I am a female solo traveller and if anyone would be interested in joining me or interested in any of my possible travelling ideas do give me a message. It would be great to have company along the way.

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Hello, First of i want to say that i will post this message on many threads so sorry if it is not exactly 100% accurate but i wanted to reach as many relevant people as possible.

So I have started my journey early June and i have been backpack traveling since. I try and limit myself to only walking and hitch hiking but i am open minded. Currently i am traveling through Europe and the rough plan is that i will do so for another 2 years and that i will visit all of the countries on the main land. After that i will move towards Turkey, Israel, Egypt before going to Asia but that is distant future.

I sleep in a tent and i have one place spare in it. Anyone is free to join me at any time and leave at any time as well. I have only one requirement that the person has to be open minded in spirituality because pranic dieting and healing people as well as teaching about spirituality is a thing i do everyday.

I can adjust my speed of traveling according to peoples needs if someone wants to travel faster or slower. My plans are set for me but they are as flexible as water wink

Right now I am in Poland and will slowly move to another country in between November and January. If anyone is interested in meeting with me or traveling with me please write to me on this post
and check out my profile where you can get links to my Facebook page and YouTube channel.

I hope you will have a wonderful day and sorry if you think that this is a spam.

Ps. This post will be relevant until mid 2018

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Hi Sophie!
Send me a message if you are still planning on travelling, and would be interested on joining me to South America in june/july! smile

Ida smile


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Hi do you interested tour in Europe in July

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Hey there smile

I have some plans in India near the end of 2017. They’re not your typical travel and tourism plans, it’s more like “voluntourism”, where you travel overseas to help out with important organizations.

If you want to see as much of the world as possible, I think this can be a great way for you to really immerse yourself in a culture, and have completely different kinds of experiences compared to traveling in general. You still have the opportunity to do that there too!

If you’re interested, check out my post on this board on POD Volunteer, it explains the placement (and my plans) more clearly!

Let me know if you have any questions smile

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Hi Sophie

I see that you are planning on travelling to South America this year. I am also planning on travelling to SA soon to do some backpacking. I am still looking for flights (looking for a good deal), I aim to start August/September, at the moment the best deal is for me to fly to Brazil, but I am really open to starting anywhere. I really am aiming to make my journey up as I go along, depending on who I meet etc. I would love to visit most countries in SA. I’ve always been fascinated with SA (the culture/language etc) and am really looking for some adventures. I’m attempting to learn Spanish at the moment, so hopefully that will improve when I get there. I’m looking for good company as I’ll be travelling on my own. I’m an easy going person just looking to have some adventures. I aim to stay in hostels, do some camping and some couch surfing etc.

Let me know if your interested in meeting up to travel.